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  Jiangxi Huayuan Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is currently one of the manufacturers with a complete range of textile machinery products, varieties and specifications in China. Its predecessor, Jiangxi Textile Machinery Factory, is one of the 100 key backbone enterprises in China's textile machinery industry. The polyester filament high-speed spinning machine obtained the production license issued by the Ministry of Original Textiles, the BG441 meltblown nonwoven fabric equipment was rated as a national new product, and the polypropylene coarse denier FDY spinning machine developed in cooperation with Donghua University was awarded by Shanghai Second prize for scientific and technological progress. Jiangxi Huayuan Electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise established after the reform of Jiangxi Textile Machinery Factory with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is located in the Industrial Development Zone of Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, covering an area of ​​25 acres.
The main products of    are:
1. High-performance fiber project engineering technology and equipment, including: 1. PMIA fiber (aramid 1313) (1 production line has been provided for South Korea) and PPTA fiber (aramid 1414) equipment; 2. HSHMPE fiber UD material production equipment ( High-strength and high-modulus polyethylene UD cloth) (6 production lines have been provided for Zhejiang manufacturers).
   2. Chemical fiber industrial yarn FDY series spinning and drawing combined machine, including: 1. Polypropylene industrial yarn FDD equipment; 2. Polyester industrial yarn FDY equipment; 3. Nylon-66 fine denier high-strength FDD equipment.
   3. POY series high-speed spinning machines, including: 1. PE-POY series high-speed spinning machines; 2. PA6-POY high-speed spinning machines.
   Fourth, non-woven equipment, including: 1. Melt-blown non-woven equipment; 2. Two-component composite spunbond non-woven equipment.
   5. Chemical fiber hot drafting roller series products.
   Six, hydraulic control valve, etc.
   Seven, clean printing and dyeing (microcapsule dyeing) technical equipment.
Jiangxi Huayuan Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has been one of the main cooperative units of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 707 (Jiujiang) since December 2005. It produces nearly 100 varieties of military marine hydraulic valve bodies and other parts. The product quality is 40% per year. More than one outsourcing unit ranked top in the competition.
   Jiangxi Huayuan Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has a complete range of work types and types of work such as lathe, miller, boring, grinder, fitter, sheet metal work, welder, painter, assembler, etc. Some types of work have the corresponding CNC machining operation technology.
Jiangxi Huayuan Electromechanical Co., Ltd. has established cooperative relations with universities and scientific research institutes in Shanghai and other places. It has strong development and innovation capabilities. It is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research and production. It currently has an invention patent. There are 2 utility model patents and 2 invention patents under application.



Contact Number:0794-8233988 ; 0794-8253988

Address:No. 298, Zhushan Road, High-tech Development Zone, Fuzhou City, Jiangxi Province

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