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01 2019-10

70th Anniversary of National Day | Chapter of Prosperity, Splendid China

This October, the clear sky and white clouds wiped off the rain, the pigeon whistle shook the blue sky and the tidal sound. The golden wheat awns, held up the harvest sickle, and pushed out the crimson sun. The thick and warm fragrance, the mighty 9.6 million square kilometers of mountains, rivers, fields, and oceans! This October, the streets are full of neon colors, the city is full of laughter, singing, and fireworks and flags, and a prosperous scene is boiling with suona. This October, we ushered in the 70th anniversary of New China’s birthday in the Yellow River costumes, and the Yangtze River is full of waves. Colorful flags are flying in a brand-new prosperous age with heroic appearance!
10 2019-09

Mooncake Festival

In this beautiful season of golden breeze and sweet osmanthus fragrance, on behalf of all staff, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our customers for their support! I would like to extend my warm greetings to you all! I wish you all a prosperous career, a happy family, and good health! Years are similar, but years are different.
24 2019-04

How to classify hydraulic valves

Hydraulic valves can be classified according to different characteristics, as shown in Table 1. Table 1 Classification and classification methods of hydraulic valves. Detailed classification by function. Pressure control valve, overflow valve, sequence valve, unloading valve, balance valve, pressure reducing valve, proportional pressure control valve, buffer valve, instrument stop valve, pressure limiting cutoff Valve, pressure relay, flow control valve, throttle valve, one-way throttle valve, speed control valve, diverter valve, collecting valve, proportional flow control valve Directional control valve, check valve, hydraulic control check valve, reversing valve, stroke Reducing valve, filling valve, shuttle valve, proportional directional valve, according to the structure classification of spool valve, cylindrical spool valve, rotary valve, flat spool valve seat valve cone
15 2019-02

2019 Start of Construction | A New Journey in the Year of the Pig

The Spring Festival holiday is over! On this day full of New Year's breath, we officially started to work! On the seventh day of the New Year's Day, start to work! Prosperous, fight for the Year of the Pig! In 2019, which is full of opportunities and challenges, we will not take the past as the fetters or stop moving forward with hardships. We will know the heavy responsibilities and the long way to go. We will strive to accumulate and develop with confidence and embark on a new journey! In 2019, with you hand in hand, the future will be more exciting! We believe that with the joint efforts of all employees, with the support and help of company partners and friends from all walks of life, our dream will be realized!
29 2018-10

Sun Ruizhe: Textile machinery is an important support for textile transformation and upgrading

From May 7th to May 15th, at the invitation of the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (hereinafter referred to as the International Textile Federation) and the German Textile Machinery Association, Sun Ruizhe, the chairman of the China Textile Industry Federation, led a delegation to visit Germany and Spain to attend the international Spinning Textile Machinery Seminar, visiting the Frankfurt Technical Textiles and Nonwovens Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, and visiting local scientific research institutions, textile manufacturing and clothing brand enterprises. Xu Yingxin, Chen Dapeng, Li Lingshen, and Duan Xiaoping, vice presidents of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, attended the meeting and accompanied the visit.
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