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leader's speech

leader's speech

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General Manager: Chen Rongsen


  Welcome to the website of Jiangxi Huayuan Electromechanical Co., Ltd.
Huayuan Company has gone through the road of struggle paved with more than ten years of hard work. More than ten years of down-to-earth and unremitting efforts have achieved gratifying results and sustained development. It has now become a domestic textile machinery product with complete categories, varieties and specifications. One of the manufacturers.
Empty talk will lead to the wrong country, work hard to rejuvenate the country.” Huayuan Company uses this creed to pursue and inherit the enterprise spirit of “being open, pragmatic, aggressive, and lifelong learning”, and unites friends at home and abroad with “integrity and pragmatism”. Cooperating with well-known domestic companies to meet their needs, we have produced a set of technologically innovative equipment; long-term processing and production of military products for military units, ranking among the best in the product quality evaluation of their dozens of outsourcing units each year; and The establishment of cooperative relations with universities and research institutes in Shanghai and other places has enabled our company to have strong scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and has now become a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research and production.
  "The virtue of charity". Huayuan Company would like to thank friends at home and abroad for their long-term support and infinite love! Huayuan Company is taking the broad mind of Zhongpeng's science and technology, the character characteristics based on honest service, the talent-oriented corporate style, and the grandeur of perseverance and bravery, in order to achieve "satisfy customers, build brand, and benefit "Employees, contribute to the society" development goals and stride forward!
   Thank you loyally for your trust, let us work together for mutual benefit and win-win, and write a new chapter together.

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