Sun Ruizhe: textile machinery is an important support for textile transformation and upgrading

Sun Ruizhe: textile machinery is an important support for textile transformation and upgrading

From May 7 to May 15, at the invitation of the International Federation of Textile Manufacturers (IFTM) and the German Textile Machinery Association, Sun Ruizer, President of the China Textile Industry Federation, led a delegation to Germany and Spain to attend the IFTM Symposium on Textile Machinery and to visit the Frankfurt Technical Textiles and Nonwoven Fabrics Exhibition in Germany. And visit local scientific research institutions, textile manufacturing and clothing brand enterprises. Xu Yingxin, Chen Dapeng, Li Lingshen and Duan Xiaoping, vice chairmen of the China Textile Industry Federation, jointly attended the meeting and accompanied the visit.
The International Textile Machinery Symposium is a traditional Symposium of the International Textile Union. It is hosted annually by the Swiss, German and Italian Textile Machinery Association in turn. Representatives of the member countries of the International Textile Federation and representatives of major textile machinery manufacturing enterprises were invited to attend the meeting to have in-depth exchanges on the current situation and development of textile industry in various countries, especially textile machinery industry. This year's meeting was held in Frankfurt, Germany, on May 8. 152 industry representatives from nearly 20 countries and regions attended the meeting.
Sun Ruizhe, President of the China Textile Industry Federation and Vice-Chairman of the International Textile Federation, was invited to give a speech at the meeting to expound the current situation and future of China's textile industry.
Sun Ruizhe pointed out that China's textile industry is in the key node of transformation and upgrading. China's textile economy has slowed down and its cost has risen, which conforms to the law of economic development and reflects the deepening of China's textile transformation and upgrading. Textile machinery is an important support for the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry.
On the development of China's textile industry, Sun Ruizhe pointed out that industry development is no longer a zero-sum game, cooperation has become an important source of competitive advantage, to establish a new concept of industrial development: from focusing on competition to seeking synergy, from a single structure to a pluralistic ecology, from being forced to adapt to active innovation, from emphasizing ownership to change Pay attention to sharing, from interest oriented to responsibility development. The development of China's textile industry should focus on the following four aspects: first, to enrich industrial supply, enhance environmental adaptability, to market, capital, network, technology, culture as the grasp, to form an effective and diversified industry supply; second, to improve the support system, enhance industrial carrying capacity, upgrade industrial structure, service and culture. The third is to deepen intelligent manufacturing, enhance flexible production capacity, implement "Made in China 2025", promote the application and integration of management information systems, accelerate the construction of management, standards and credit systems, and promote management processes, personnel quality and intelligent manufacturing agents. Fourth, to implement social responsibility, enhance sustainable development capacity, promote social responsibility, optimize supply chain construction, enhance green manufacturing capacity, develop green products, create green factories, build green parks, improve green manufacturing support system.
At the meeting, President of IFTF, President of AFRICA, Vice-President of IFTF, President of Korea Fiber Industry Federation, Cheng Jihe and others made speeches on the current situation and development trend of textile industry in Africa, Korea, Bangladesh, Brazil, Pakistan, Turkey and Europe.
Meanwhile, representatives of textile machinery enterprises such as Murata Machinery, O'Reikan, Grots, Sanderson and Meccani shared their market performances in 2016, and looked forward to the development trend of textile machinery market in 2017.
The conference announced that the next International Textile Union Symposium on Textile Machinery will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, in April 2018, hosted by the Swiss Textile Machinery Association.
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