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Jiangxi HuaYuan has been dedicated to manufacturing quality textile equipment since 2003. Its predecessor Jiangxi Textile Machinery Factory is one of the 100 key enterprises in China Textile industry. Jiangxi HuaYuan offers broad product categories and specializes in spinning, weaving, winding and heat-setting automation. Polyester filament high speed spinning machine was issued a production license by the former Ministry of Textiles; BG441 meltblown nonwovens equipment was rated as national-level new products in China; Coarse denier polypropylene FDY spinning machine developed in collaboration with Donghua University was awarded the second place of the Shanghai Science and Technology Advance Award. Jiangxi HuaYuan is a private company with the registered capital of 18 million Chinese yuan. It is located in the Industrial Development Zone of Fuzhou, Jiangxi, covering 25 acres.

The main product categories are listed as below:
1.High-performance fiber technology and equipment, including: 1. PMIA fiber (Kevlar 1313, provided a production line for South Korea) and PPTA fiber (Kevlar 1414) equipment; 2. High Strength and High Modulus Polyethylene (HSHMPE) fiber Unidirectional (UD) fabrics production equipment (provided six production lines so far).
2.Industrial filament FDY spinning machines, including: 1) polypropylene (PP) industrial yarn FDY equipment; 2) polyester (PET) industrial yarn FDY equipment; 3) high-strength-fine-denier nylon-66 (PA66) FDY equipment.
3.Pre-oriented yarns (POY) high-speed spinning series, including: 1) polyethylene (PE) POY high speed spinning series; 2) nylon-6 (PA6) POY high speed spinning series.
4.Non-wovens equipment, including: 1) meltblown nonwovens equipment; 2 bicomponent spunbond nonwovens equipment.
5.Fiber-drawing hot roller series.
6.Hydraulic control valves.
7.Clean dyeing (microcapsule dyeing) technology and equipment.
Jiangxi HuaYuan has been one of the major collaborators of No. 707 Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC) since December 2005. We produced nearly 100 different types of military marine hydraulic valves and other parts, and the quality of our products was rated top among all the collaborators of No. 707 Institute of CSIC every year.
Jiangxi HuaYuan is a technology company with a strong Research and Development capability. It has established extensive collaboration with universities and research institutes. It currently possesses one design patent, two utility patents, and two patents pending.
Jiangxi HuaYuan possesses the full range of manufacturing capabilities to offer textiles company quality equipment. We continue to thrive as a fast-growing textile machinery manufacturer, assisting textile companies in their competitive quest for excellence, productivity, and profitability.